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Another of my favourite interior design blogs is our mama muse for today - meet Deb from Spreading Roomers!

B: Who is in your family?

There's 6 of us including our drooling cat Casper, so obviously myself, my partner Derek, Leo who is 11, Boston who is 9, and the mini-man Jax who is 4 turning 5 in May.

B; What’s your favourite thing to do as a family?

That's a tough one - but I think it's a fair toss up between eating Derek's home-made pizza because legitimately the crust is the thinnest on Planet Perth - like wafer thin almost transparent. I cannot convey the amount of deliciousness involved - it's epic!....and watching Survivor Australia. We sound like such high achievers when I put it like this.

B: What’s the best thing about being a mum?

For me it's knowing that no matter how totally pants your day, how exhausting, how much of a juggle or how much you fail, they still see you as being 'the best mum in the world'. God knows what the yardstick is, but it's in those moments - the reality check hits you and you realise that all the shit we take on really doesn't matter.

B: And the hardest?

Juggling all the shit that doesn't matter.

B: What’s a ‘mum essential’ you always have in your bag?

Blistex, those Werther's originals butterscotch lozenges (I literally sound 85 - someone stop me), a hair lackey, and a coin purse. Heck knows why when I haven't carried coins since 1999. I have a thing for small purses and clutches.

B: Which is your favourite bag in the Bahru collection?

I see what you're doing here I like it! You are outting me as the crazy bag I am. OK - you said bag so it's hard to go past the Singapore Crossbody Bag in Black because the very first time I spotted it was the on the @lottieisloving feed. But I did say I had a thing for clutches so the mini gold Florence Crossbody wallet has got disco mama written all over it!

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