Mama Muse: Kate from Darling and Domain

Mama Muse: Kate from Darling and Domain

Today we welcome Kate from Darling & Domain to our mama muse series. It's my go-to for beautiful things and I have quite a few items on my wishlist for Mother's Day!

B: Who is in your family?

Maddy 14
Ben 12
Zara 9

B: What’s your favourite thing to do as a family?

Take a picnic and boards to the river or beach for hours of fun. So lucky we have both to choose from.

B: What’s the best thing about being a mum?

The unconditional love between Mum and Child. Doesn’t matter what has happened or been said, that love never dies. The long cuddles, watching them grow and achieve the little milestones in life and definitely just seeing them happy.

B: And the hardest?

Navigating the teenage years. When they become more independent and don’t need you as much…and they seem to know everything about everything!!

B: What’s a ‘mum essential’ you always have in your bag?

Tissues!! Oh and money…definitely money.

B: Which is your favourite bag in the Bahru collection?

Definitely Mini Florence. Big enough for all my essentials…too small for all the kids non-essentials.

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