Mama Muse: Maya from House Nerd

Mama Muse: Maya from House Nerd

It's almost Mother's Day and to celebrate the hardest workers in our lives, we're talking to some of our favourite mamas, business women and content creators from around the world. First up? Maya from House Nerd, one of my favourite blogs!

B: Who is in your family?

Little Nerd, 4, and Miss Nerd, 18 months, and we live with my husband Mr Nerd and our border collie x Labrador Nala, 10 J

B: What’s your favourite thing to do as a family?

We love being out in the garden together – hubby does the lawn, I take out my stress on our plants, the kids are obsessed with their cubby house and blowing bubbles for the dog who goes crazy trying to chomp on them.

Lately we’ve also been getting stuck into giant puzzles that take days. Although often we have to wait til Miss Nerd is in bed because she has a very destructive streak.

B: What’s the best thing about being a mum?

I think it’s seeing the joy in little things that otherwise you might not notice – kids remind you of how much fun the little things are, like how much fun it is to run through a muddy puddle barefoot or how nice it is to pick flowers.  

B: And the hardest?

When you have a broken night and you feel like a zombie the next day!

B: What’s a ‘mum essential’ you always have in your bag?

Snacks! Or ‘yum-yums’ as Miss Nerd calls food. They both eat about 420 times a day. I thought I ate a lot but my kids put me to shame. It’s exhausting.

B: Which is your favourite bag in the Bahru collection?

The Florence Leather Crossbody in my all-time favourite beautiful soft camel-coloured leather. It is the perfect size for fun days out, and I also love my Mini Florence in black for going out to dinner, but my next Bahru bag is going to be the Rome Tote in Caramel for when we can all start travelling again! I love that it has two zips – I need a bag with a zip as I always carry so much stuff with me. On the plus side, when people say, “Does anyone have a pen?” I am always that person who has a pen. The journalist always has a pen!

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