Behind The Bag: Holii Carmody, Photographer

Behind The Bag: Holii Carmody, Photographer

At Bahru, we want to continue to support small makers, designers and creatives during these crazy times, so we're excited to continue to bring you our Behind The Bag series where we delve into the bags of some of our favourite creative women. Next up is our Instagram favourite, Holii Carmody who takes some of the most beautiful, soothing, neutral images online.

B. Who are you and what do you do?

HC. I am Holii Carmody, a photographer and graphic designer from Denmark, WA. I have two young sons - Fox, 9 and Wyatt,7 and three businesses all keeping me very busy. I am one part of wedding photography business In The Wilds, one part of Pinot Noir label Lonely Shore and a one woman show designing brands and websites as Holii Carmody. I'm also interested in fashion, homewares and sewing. And I love camping with my family and sitting on the beach watching my husband surf.

B. What is the most beautiful thing you own?

HC. I think it would have to be my 70's looking leather couch from Freedom. It was a gift to myself after a health scare. It was something I had been wanting for a very long time but could never justify the expense. As soon as I was checked out of hospital we went straight to Freedom and bought it. It arrived after 12 weeks - just after we finished renovating our house. A very spontaneous purchase, but something I hope will last a lifetime. 

B. What is the most practical thing you own?

HC. I will tell you what the least practical thing I own is - marri kitchen and bathroom bench tops! They are not cut out for wet areas. In the extension we have added to our house we used a generic "nougat" stone top in the ensuite and I would highly recommend that instead of timber. It can cope with anything you throw at it.

B. What must you have in your bag before you leave home?

HC. I have a few essentials that I like to take with me besides the 'wallet, keys, phone'. I love Lanolips lip balms / gloss / tint. I also take some good quality fine line pens around with me just in case I feel the need to sketch.

B. Which travel destination is next on your bucket list?

HC. To be honest with you, at the moment I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint so we have decided not to fly much. My dream trip is the US - I would love to see Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park and Joshua Tree, but I am also just as happy to stay on the west coast of Australia as I think we pretty much have it all.

B. What products or brands are you loving at the moment - fashion, homewares or beauty?

HC. I am a hat lady.. never mind cats.. I will be one of those ladies with a horde of hats when I am old. I love Will and Bear. I'm also saving up for a pair of RM Williams black boots. They are $595 so it's another thing that I would have to justify somehow, but I see them as a long term purchase that I would wear to every wedding and they can be repaired if the sole wears out. Plus they will never go out of fashion.

B. What are you reading, watching or listening to?

HC. I have been bingeing a few series lately. As it's wedding season I am struggling to keep my eyes open for long enough to read a book. I have enjoyed 'The Bold Type' on Stan. I feel like it is the new younger version of Sex and the City. Covering lots of topics such as equality, sexuality and politics packaged nicely into a fashion magazine storyline.

B. Which bag would you reach for - the classic neutrals or the statement metallic gold or silver?

HC. I'm a neutral girl - although I wouldn't say no to any of the Bahru bags as they are all gorgeous and I feel I could rock any of them.

B. Which is your favourite bag from the Bahru collection and why?

HC. The Paris, Rome and New York are all faves. I also love my Florence in caramel. It's such a good design. It can be used as clutch or over the shoulder. It is spacious but also compact and cute. The range of colours is right up my alley too. I love that my bag looks awesome next to my couch! Felicity has nailed her colour palette. I think the excellent quality is the main reason I love Bahru though.

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