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So in our part of WA we are muddling through the last week of Term 1 with homeschooling. I’m not sure if I’m excited about school holidays or terrified! I also chose this image to start off this email because it's pretty representative of what my days are like at the moment - a constant stream of little people interrupting me!

I hope you are finding the bright side in these crazy times. Here are a few things you might like...

In readiness for school holidays here is a podcast that was a huge hit with our family this year. It’s a bit like The Bourne Identity for kids! The good news is that it is 200 episodes so it will last a while!  

Everything from @everynightoftheweek. Even if you don’t cook Lucy’s recipes the captions are just hilarious. Keep an eye out for her live cooking sessions while we’re all in lockdown.

I am not at all a cold weather person but with a few chillier mornings and it getting closer to bonfire season here at the farm I’ve been eyeing off some of the beautiful knitwear out this season. On my wishlist I can’t decide between these two beautiful knits by Elka Collective.

I also love the look of these green boots - I'm loving anything army right now, especially our gorgeous range of Bahru bags!

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