Behind the Bag: Sarah Shanahan

Behind the Bag: Sarah Shanahan

Welcome to our brand new blog series - Behind the Bag. We'll be talking to women we admire, whose style we love and who we need to know what they carry in their bags!

First up is decluttering guru Sarah Shanahan who embodies the William Morris quote,"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

Sarah Shanahan Bahru Florence Bag

B: Who are you and what do you do?

SS: My name is Sarah Shanahan and I’m a Professional Organiser and interiors enthusiast. I declutter, organise and create order and calm in people’s homes and love every minute of it!

B: What is the most beautiful thing you own?

SS: The most beautiful thing I own would be my Marimekko pieces scattered around my home, they instantly calm me and always make me happy. I would also say that my Bahru bags are my most beautiful fashion items I own. Being in the organising business I’m a bit of a minimalist and only own things I truly love, use and need. The rest to me is just clutter so has no place in my home.

B: What is the most practical thing you own?

SS: My superga sneakers, wear them nearly every day for comfort when I’m knee deep in other people’s stuff! 

B: What must you have in your bag before you leave home? 

SS: Easy... my phone! To take before and after shots of my projects. 

B: Which travel destination is next on your bucket list?

SS: My dream destination is the Faroe Islands, I’m just so desperate to get there! Situated north of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. Clearly I’m a winter girl! 

B: What is your favourite trend at the moment - fashion, homewares or beauty?

SS: I’m loving the Marie Kondo trend of sparking joy with what possessions we allow into our homes. Letting go of things we don’t need. People are craving less, less stuff, less fast fashion and investing in good quality handmade products. 

B: What are you reading, watching or listening to?

SS: I’ve just finished ‘The Dutch House’ and absolutely loved it, I always have to have a book on the go. My husband and I have just finished the ‘Shetland’ series on Netflix after our recent holiday in Scotland, a crime series set in the Shetland Islands, also on my list of places to go! 

B: Which bag would you reach for - the classic black leather or the statement metallic gold?

SS: The classic black...goes with everything and my neutral, minimalist style! 

B: Which is your favourite bag from the Bahru collection and why?

SS: For me it has to be my Florence bag, I can just take it anywhere, with what I need for the day. My caramel Florence is definitely my go to, then for bigger jobs or a day trip it’s the Paris. 

Shop Sarah's Florence Cross-Body Bag Here.

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