Behind the Bag : Emily Riggs, creator of merino wool knitwear label Iris & Wool

Behind the Bag : Emily Riggs, creator of merino wool knitwear label Iris & Wool

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday I am excited to introduce you to the beautiful Emily Riggs from Iris & Wool.

Based on a farm near Burra in South Australia, Emily lives with her husband and two young children and runs her business from home.  We will finally meet in person this weekend at Bowerbird Design Market in Adelaide and I can't wait to choose my first piece of Iris & Wool.

Emily is the definition of resilient, having overcome leukemia as a child and at the same time losing her mum to breast cancer.  So while we celebrate this special day on Sunday let's think about all those who no longer have their mum.

Over to Emily....

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Emily Riggs and I own Australian Merino Wool Fashion label, Iris and Wool.


What is the most beautiful thing you own?

My 17hh Palomino Gelding, Magic!!


What is the most practical thing you own?

Hmmm I don't know.. Probably my car?!


What must you have in your bag before you leave home?

My phone and sunnies!


Which travel destination is next on your bucket list (when we can travel)?

I really want to explore Australia more - Tassie and WA are on the top of my list!


What products or brands are you loving at the moment - fashion, homewares or beauty?

Beauty - Lanolips 101 ointment so moisturising for my lips but also looks like I am wearing lipgloss! 

Fashion - Anything made from natural fibres - especially Merino Wool!! Shameless plug here - my Belinda Colourblock jumper and Penelope Jeans were recently seen on Mia Freedman! 

Homewares - there are so many beautiful things but loving Nos Ceramic vases! 


What are you reading, watching or listening to? 

Reading - The Greatest Gift (taking me a while to get through - young family & biz = not much spare time hehe)

Watching - Firefly Lane

Listening - That Voice Podcast by Sally Prosser - I have a massive fear of public speaking so trying to overcome this!!


Which bag would you reach for - the classic neutrals or the statement metallic gold or silver?

The Classic Neutrals! Goes with everything and will last a lifetime. 


Which is your favourite bag from the Bahru collection and why? 

The Paris in Caramel - so luxe and delicious and big enough to use as a nappy bag too hehe!!

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