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The Old Stables

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I was lucky enough to grow up on a cattle farm in the south west of Western Australia, in an old stone homestead with the ocean just over the hill. 

 Among the collection of farm buildings, is a beautiful limestone structure which was built around the same time as the homestead in 1849 using stone from the property.  We have always called this building The Old Stables.

After a major restoration effort by skilled local craftsmen, Bahru now has a beautiful home in this old building.
My grandfather came to the farm in 1936 as a 21 year old. My dad grew up here, my brother and I grew up here and after living interstate and overseas for a long time I now live here again with my husband and three kids.

History repeats as we now live in my Grandparents old cottage, which we are currently renovating to make a larger kitchen and a new roof which doesn't leak!  Our kids run barefoot between our place and my parents place and climb the same trees and explore the same places I did when I was their age.
The limestone is a beautiful colour and it changes throughout the day as the sun rises and moves over the building.  A few years ago, a portion of the roof was ripped off by a storm so the replacement tin is a different colour to the rest.

During the restoration of the stone work some huge cracks were repaired and I now think of them like scars healing a wound on a human body.

The old jarrah floorboards were retained, we only needed a few to replace some that were rotten.
I feel very lucky to have this beautiful space to work.  There is room to display and store the range, to sit and think and plan and to package and send off the online orders.
I can hear the chickens from my desk, the magpies and the willy wag tails in the trees outside and Mozzie (our pooch) comes in and out as he pleases.

Occasionally we have other 'visitors' from the reptile family.  They are mostly the harmless and beautiful carpet pythons.
There are three rooms in the Old Stables.  Bahru is in the largest space which was originally the tack room and has the jarrah floor boards.

This adjoins the middle room via a huge wooden door to my husband's office.  This has a beautiful flagstone floor - each of these heavy stones had to removed for restoration, laid out in exactly the right spot for cleaning then put back in the same spot!

At the other end we have created a bedroom for when friends come to stay.
So there is a glimpse into this special piece of history.  Who knows what will be in here in another 100 years....


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  • Leanne schwan: February 14, 2019

    Fliss, cheers for sharing a glimpse of your beautiful journey in life. Love your gorgeous products!

  • Carmel : February 14, 2019

    Wow what a beautiful story rich in history and yes I also want to visit. The old stables looks like a wonderful creative spaces for your collection

  • Vanda: February 14, 2019

    I want to see it!!! Badly! And you and even the animals!

  • Jodie McIntosh: February 13, 2019

    Love this Floss! I love those dates and snippets of history. The stables look so beautiful! X

  • eva Bloemen: February 13, 2019

    What a transformation Fliss…it looks fabulous. Well done on preserving such a special piece of family and farm history. You must love going to work! xx

  • Kathy Hills: February 13, 2019

    Such a gorgeous story and piece of history! So much inspiration…no wonder your products are truly beautiful. Wish this was my office that I went to each day.

    Can’t wait to see this for myself, one day. xx

  • Edwina Shallcross: February 13, 2019

    Gorgeous Fliss!! You are so very lucky to be a part of the history of this magnificent property and to breath new life into the old stables. I would be totally pumped to go to work everyday if I had an office like that!!
    can’t wait to visit one day. xxx

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