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If you follow us over on Instagram, you would have no doubt seen the stunning Christmas wreath workshop we hosted at the farm late last year. The genius behind those beautiful floral arrangements was none other than Cherise of De La Terre, who I'm so excited to welcome to Behind The Bag today!
bahru behind the bag de la terre
B: Who are you what do you do?
CW: I’m the owner and designer at De La Terre, a botanical styling and floral design service for weddings, events and workshops in the South West of WA. I’m also proud mum to a son about to get his licence!  Pinch me, when did this happen?!  Beyond mum and biz owner, I’m a forest loving, simple & sustainable living enthusiast.
My days are generally filled with juggling all that comes with managing business and being a solo parent.  Early week I spend in the office and then I’m in the studio making.  Weekends you’ll find me creating on site at some truly beautiful locations around Margaret River region.  Sundays (aside from early morning packdowns), I spend with my son and our friends.  Mondays, in my best efforts for balance, I try to stay out of the office and spend time refilling my tanks and prepping the house for the week ahead.
I started De La Terre 5 years ago and was really intentional to specialise in botanical styling.  With botanical styling I draw on professional floristry techniques however focus more on designing with foliage, plants and botanical textures like nuts, berries, pods branches etc.  I chose this path specifically for the sustainable aspect given I can source more locally, compost the waste etc.
B: What is the most beautiful thing you own?
CW: It would have to be the Willow Tree hand-sculpted ceramic called ‘Mother and Son’.  For me, its a reflection of the bond I have with my son. It reminds me of some special times that I really cherish.
Bahru behind the bag de la terre
B: What is the most practical thing you own?
CW: My car. Closely followed by the kettle… everyone needs a good cuppa. Very closely followed by my computer… it's the hub of business practicality.  Oh and a quality pair of snips for work!  Couldn’t keep it to one thing. ;)
B: What must you have in your bag before you leave home?
CW: Aside from the keys/phone, bag staples are sunglasses, Mokosh lip balm and Elia natural deodorant.
B: Which travel destination is next on your bucket list?
CW: Give me lakes, trees and snow capped mountains. A few on the list are Canada, New Zealand and Japan.
Bahru behind the bag de la terre
B: What is your favourite trend at the moment - fashion, homewares or beauty?
CW: I’m more a classic kind of girl. Things that outlive trends. Fashion - A basic wardrobe with items that can easily mix and match - I’m all for a white linen shirt and denim with some Birk’s. Homewares - I like cosy minimalism - My bedroom for example with a light cedar timber bed, white linen bedding and lots of greenery - hanging vine in one corner and a tall plant with a woven basket in the other. Beauty - Definitely Mokosh for skincare.  Buying quality items that last is important to me to avoid things going to landfill.
What are you reading, watching or listening to? 
Non-fiction is my preference.  I’ve started the year again with Slow by Brooke McAlary who writes about slowing down and creating a life filled with what really matters to you.  Rethink: The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot is another that challenges and inspires a modern, sustainable way of living. Gut by Giulia Enders is an extremely insightful and refreshing look on health (from the gut up).  I’m also a big fan of Brené Brown’s books.
On the playlist is generally Lauren Daigle, Jack Johnson and Coldplay (and surprisingly, thanks to my son, NF! Far from my norm but NF’s lyrics are meaningful and no b-s and I like to connect with what my son’s interested in).
B: Which bag would you reach for - the classic neutrals or the statement metallic gold or silver?
CW: It would be equally my Paris Tote (in Caramel) and Mini Florence (in Silver).  I find both colours go with everything. In the past I’ve always reached for a black bag but Fliss encouraged me outside my comfort zone and I’m so glad she did.
B: Which is your favourite bag from the Bahru collection and why? 
CW: The Mini Florence. It's a great every-day, light weight bag. Bigger than a purse so you can hold a notebook, phone, a few small beauty essentials and it also comes with cardholders (that I use). Throw the strap over your shoulder and across your bod and you don't give a second thought to it being in the way.  Take the strap off and it works great as an evening purse.  The slimline front pocket is great for the quick to reach essentials like your phone or Opal card ;) (we just came back from Sydney and were all over the CBD multiple times through the day… it was great to just slip my hand into that front pocket to quickly swipe a card to jump on the tram).
I can't end without mentioning the leather, I’m definitely a fan of the softness in the leather of Bahru bags.
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